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Swaziland Christian UNiversity
Medical School

In view of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the Kingdom of Swaziland, the government is urgently seeking the establishment of Swaziland’s first medical school. Many in the country see this as a great step forward for a struggling health system.

Swaziland currently has relatively few doctors, and Swazis at present receive their medical training outside of her borders. The successful establishment of Swaziland Christian University Medical School will serve to increase retention of healthcare professionals as well as facilitating further advances within the health system as a whole.

The aims of SCU Medical School are to:

-Train medical doctors
- Pave the way for a university hospital
- Encourage the retention of Swazi doctors
- Facilitate further advances within the health system


Key Information
- Two Wings: Medical School & Resident Training Program
- Student Intake Area: Southern Africa region
-  Accredition: South African College of Medicine
- Projected Opening Date: January 2010
- Estimated Construction Cost: $5-10 million
- Swaziland Christian University, also AFF directed, will also house other faculties e.g.   an IT College
-  University Land Area: 75 hectares

In Patnership
We are working closely with the Swazi government, with an agreed upon division of financial and material responsibilities. Student/resident training will take place in existing hospitals as well as the eventual university hospital. Anumber of health and education organisations are involved in advisory capacities. Funding is coming in from private foundations, individuals and churches.




Opening Office in Swaziland

Partner Organisations

Swaziland Government
SAM Medical Center, South Korea

Christian Medical Fellowship Korea

Church of the Nazarene, Swaziland

McCord Hospital, South Africa

Southern Africa CMF Network

MCM Hospital, Ethiopia

Korean American Health Mission Counci
In His Image
Vancouver Institute of EvangelicalWorldview

International Medical Schools